1 1/4" Double Hot-Dip Galvanized Joist Hanger Nails

By Maze
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These well-threaded 10 gauge nails are double hot-dip galvanized to insure superior holding power and long-term rust-protection.


  • Material: Metal


Manufacturer's Warranty

Maze Nails warrants that all STORMGUARD® Nails have been Hot-Dip Galvanized in accordance with ASTM Specification A-153. These nails have been Double Dipped in molten zinc by Maze Nail's exclusive STORMGUARD® process.

These nails are further warranted against red rust for the lifetime of your project when used in routine, residential applications not exposed to salt-spray or other extremely corrosive environments. Please contact to Maze Nails for full warranty information.

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