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Deer Cane Deer Mineral Attractant 4 Lb.
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  • Deer Cane Deer Mineral Attractant 4 Lb.

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    The habit forming beneficial mineral attractant that drives deer crazy. Deer Cane attracts deer by releasing a mineral vapor trail. After initial application, moisture will cause these minerals to keep reacting and attracting deer. Bucks seeking minerals for overall health and rack development will be drawn to the site to lick, paw, mark, and consume the minerals. Bucks will want to protect the Deer Cane site by rubbing, scraping, and rolling in the mineral site to mark it as their own. The buck's action will naturally lead to the attraction of more deer. Over time, a large deer wallow will be created as many deer develop the habit of frequenting the site to consume the beneficial minerals.

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    SKU 758093
    PartNo 24298
    UPC 00786541242986
    Country of OriginMade in USA USA
    Size 4 Lb.
    Type Time-Release Block
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