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Fein Starlock 22-Piece Profile Sanding Kit
Fein Power Tools
  • Fein Starlock 22-Piece Profile Sanding Kit

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    For sanding in grooves and on external radii. Profile sanding kit includes: (5) 80 grit, (5) 120 grit, (5) 180 grit sanding sheets and 1 holder with 6 different profile inserts (straight for profiles, V-shaped for 90 degree angles, trapezoid for tongue and groove joints, concave, convex small, and convex large). Fits most oscillating tool brands.

    Id 95511
    SKU 338227
    PartNo 63810031010
    UPC 04014586392912
    Country of Origin Germany
    Number of Pieces 22 Pcs.
    CID 1
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