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WaterBoss Big Boss Water Softener 36,500 Grain
Water Boss
  • WaterBoss Big Boss Water Softener 36,500 Grain

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    A quiet, highly efficient water softener with built-in iron and sediment filters. Larger size for big families or extreme hardness. Computerized on-demand regeneration requires only 15 to 27 gallon of water and 3 to 6 lb. of salt to regenerate. Regeneration will take 21 to 38 minutes, depending on the salt setting of the unit. User-friendly controls and low-rise compact housing promote ease of setting softness level, adding salt, and unit placement. Rated to 36,500 grain capacity, 10 micron sediment removal, and 10 ppm (parts per million) iron removal. Hardness determination test included. Installation CD, owner's manual, water test strips, and 8 Ft. of drain line included.

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    Id 110894
    SKU 462780
    PartNo 900
    UPC 00725296937006
    Country of OriginMade in USA USA
    Capacity 36,500 Grain
    Salt Capacity 160 Lb.
    Household Size 1-5+
    Dimensions 14.75" W x 30.75" H x 18.75" D
    Regeneration Control Demand Regeneration
    Regeneration Time 21-38 Minutes
    Regeneration Water Usage 15-27 Gallons
    Iron Reduction 10 PPM
    Warranty 10 Year
    CID 1