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Cat's Pride Scoopable Multiple Cat Litter (Pack of 2)
Oil Dri
  • Cat's Pride Scoopable Multiple Cat Litter (Pack of 2)

    $19.88 Each


    Exclusive 3-way odor control system that's tough on multiple cat odors, but gentle on cats. Acts fast to stop odor before it starts. The absorbent granules and high-speed fragrance release system lock-in and neutralize odor upon moisture contact. Inhibits bacterial odor, advanced bacterial inhibitor provides the next layer of powerful odor control. Proven in labs to significantly reduce the growth of odor-causing germs in your cats' litter box. Lasts longer, for odor control that comes up big long after others fall short, it includes another amazing ingredient that actually blocks the formation of ammonia, the leading cause of litter box odor. Extra powerful clumping formula forms hard clumps that are easy to scoop out, yet it's still easy on your cats. Online purchases are in packages of 2.

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    Weight10 Lb.
    TypeOdor Control
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