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Presto 3 & 4 Qt Pressure Cooker Gasket
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  • Presto 3 & 4 Qt Pressure Cooker Gasket

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    For Presto pressure cookers or canners. Fits into cover and forms a pressure tight seal between the cover and the body during cooking. Fits Model No. 01/PE3, 0211101, 01/PA4, 01/PA4H, 0121001, 0121002, 0121004, 0122101, 0122102, 0122104, 0124102, and 0124104.

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    Id 36691
    SKU 616881
    PartNo 09903
    UPC 00075741099033
    Country of Origin China
    Application Presto 3-4 qt Pressure Cooker or Canner