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3M Filtrete Dust Reduction Furnace Filter 20 In. X 20 In. X 1 In. (Pack of 4)
  • 3M Filtrete Dust Reduction Furnace Filter 20 In. X 20 In. X 1 In. (Pack of 4)

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    You run a tight ship at home, from floor to ceiling -- and everywhere in between. Unfortunately, ordinary home non-electrostatic air filters arent super effective at capturing unwanted particles. GOOD NEWS: The unique design of the electrostatically charged Filtrete Basic Dust Air Filter attracts -- and trap --more particles from your air through your heating and cooling system, making quality control a breeze. With each cycle through the filter, your indoor air becomes a little bit cleaner. Online purchases are in packages of 4.

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    Id 18198
    SKU 462322
    PartNo 302-4
    UPC 00051111020708
    Country of OriginMade in USA USA
    Type Pleated Electrostatic
    Material Synthetic
    Size 20 In. x 20 In. x 1 In.
    Actual Size 19.69 In. x 19.69 In. x 0.88 In.
    Rating 300 MPR
    Life of Product 3 mo
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