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AccuSharp Sharp'N Easy Knife Sharpener (Pack of 24)
Fortune Products, Inc.
  • AccuSharp Sharp'N Easy Knife Sharpener (Pack of 24)

    $143.04 Each

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    2-step ceramic knife sharpener. Features ceramic rods; dark ceramic for coarse and white for fine, to care for and maintain blades. The two stages allow for the proper angle every time, by having two stationary ceramic rods molded into the base. The 2-Step Sharpener also has overmolded grips. The overmolding process allows the user to have a safe, comfortable and secure grip while sharpening. The unit has a lanyard hole which allows for easy attachment to cord or string. Online purchases are in packages of 24.

    Id 23885
    SKU 800491
    PartNo 334CD
    UPC 00015896000119
    Country of Origin China
    Type 2-Step
    Material Ceramic
    CID 1
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