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Stanley RB5 Mini Block Plane
  • Stanley RB5 Mini Block Plane

    $15.91 Each

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    Dual blade positioning for regular planing and bull nose work into corners. Easy to adjust and set depth of cuts. Compact size for narrow work areas. Contoured to fit the palm of your hand. Quick and easy blade change, no honing required. Convenient blade storage in the handle. Comes with 2 disposable replacement blades. Three different replacement blades available for bullnose work, regular planing, and work on plastics and laminates.

    Id 9669
    SKU 321538
    PartNo 12-105
    UPC 00076174121056
    Country of Origin Mexico
    Length 6 In.
    Cutter Width 2 In.
    Compliance & Restrictions

    Cancer and Reproductive Harm

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