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Deck Wrecker Wrecking Bar
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  • Deck Wrecker Wrecking Bar

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    Specifically designed to remove old deck boards. Uses leverage to remove stubborn boards with a minimal amount of effort, thereby reducing project time. Features a strong, durable 44 In. lightweight handle with a padded nonslip grip. The steel head has a curved Rocker design to allow for use in two directions. The spacing on the claw end allows it to straddle single and double joists. Corrosion-resistant and designed for years of rugged use. Works well for other purposes such as pulling furring, lathe, and plaster off ceiling joists, prying up plywood and old plank subflooring, and removing wall sheathing. Foam handle for comfort.

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    Id 39796
    SKU 363561
    PartNo 41104
    UPC 00045256411040
    Country of Origin China
    Length 51 In.
    Width 4 In.
    Weight 7 Lb.
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    Senco SNS20BXP Construction Stapler
    $369.99 Each
    Gauge : 16-17 Ga.
    Crown : 7/16 In.
    Fastener Range : 1 In. to 2 In.
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    Firing Mode : Contact
    Operating Pressure : 70-120 psi
    Air Inlet : 3/8 In. NPT
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    Dimensions : 4 In. W x 11 In. H x 15 In. L
    Warranty : 5 Year