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Rut 'N Apples Deer Attractant 4 Lb
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  • Rut 'N Apples Deer Attractant 4 Lb

    $12.93 Each
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    Smells like real apples because it is 100% real apples! Nothing works to get deer stupid and out in the open like Rut 'n Apples. Once deer smell the real apples that you have spread over the ground, they will spend hours trying to lick the pellets off of the ground. Easy-to-use, just sprinkle them out in an area and wait for the deer to show up. Will not clog feeders. Can be mixed with any type of feed - mix with feed to increase consumption. One 4 lb. bag is equivalent to a whole bushel of fresh apples, so it will not take much to increase feed consumption. Add 1 lb. of Rut 'n Apples per 100 lb. of feed to dramatically increase consumption.

    Size4 lb
    TypeExtruded Pellet
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