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Yaktrax Walk Ice Cleat XS, Black
Implus Footcare
  • Yaktrax Walk Ice Cleat XS, Black

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    Yaktrax Walk is the original version of Yaktrax. Spikeless, lightweight, easy to use ice traction device. Designed for people who are walking on icy parking lots, driveways, or sidewalks, walking the dog in snowy conditions, or a variety of other applications. Ideal for pedestrians, professionals, children, and the elderly. Provides stability while walking naturally on packed snow and ice, reduces the risk of falls and injuries. 360 degrees of traction with patented skid lock coil system. Constructed of 1/2mm high strength steel coils which contain 70% recycled content and polyelastomer webbing which contains 20% recycled content. Brittle-resistant to -41 degree Fahrenheit. Material has no memory, returns to original shape when removed from footwear. Elasticity of material ensures ease of use when attaching to shoes.

    Id 84850
    SKU 816790
    PartNo 08606
    UPC 00096506086068
    Country of Origin China
    Size XS
    Men's Shoe Size 1 to 4-1/2
    Women's Shoe Size 2 to 6
    Color Black
    Material Polyelastomer/Steel
    Weight 2.2 Oz.
    Temperature Rating -41 Deg F
    Gender Unisex