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Through the Roof! Cement & Patching Sealant
Sashco Sealants
    $7.95 Each

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    Through the Roof! is the clear, ultra-elastic sealant made to permanently stop and prevent roof leaks. It effectively seals around a variety of roof fixtures without the messy look of asphalt. Plus, Through the Roof! won't dry hard and crack like traditional asphalt repair products, and lasts 20 times longer. It expands and contracts with temperature changes, leaving you with a repair that sticks but won't stick out. Conforms to ASTM (American Society for Testing and Materials) C794. Sticks to surfaces wet or dry, in temperatures down to 0 F and up to 120 F (degrees Fahrenheit). Tenacious adhesion to a wide variety of roofing materials and won't discolor them. Goes on crystal clear and stays clear. Through the Roof! won't freeze. Adheres to most building materials; Metals - Aluminum, brass, steel, copper, and silver; Plastics - ABS, vinyl, Lexan, Polycarbonate, PVC, fiberglass, nylon, acrylic sheet/plexiglass; Other surfaces - Asphalt, brick, ceramic tile, concrete, stone, mortar, Stucco, Polyurethane, glass, terra cotta, cement, wood, cloth/canvas, Polyisobutylene, EPDM (Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer) rubber (may wrinkle. Completely paintable after 24 hours. Excellent UV (ultraviolet) resistance. Limited lifetime warranty.

    Container Size10.5 oz tube
    MaterialUltra-Elastic Clear Sealant
    Pkg Qty1
    Package TypeTube
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    Pkg Qty : 1
    Package Type : Tube